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12/01/09 05:21 PM #1    

Darrell Barnes

Jim and I attended ENMU and had several classes together. We visited from time to time as we were both from Roswell. He lived off campus and always had a beer in the icebox. He was a serious student, but what a "chick magnet". We partnered for some class assignments and got our "A". I had graduated and finished sometime in the service when I found he had died in VN.

He was a great guy.

12/07/09 09:20 PM #2    

W Leggett


Army - SGT - E5

Age: 21
Race: Caucasian
Sex: Male
Date of Birth Jun 8, 1947
Marital Status: Single

SGT - E5 - Army - Selective Service
1st Cav Division (AMBL)

Length of service 1 years
His tour began on May 21, 1968
Casualty was on Apr 3, 1969
Body was recovered

Panel 27W - Line 4

joe klein
Thanks, for serving and Happy Birthday.
Jun 8, 2009

Thinking of you, on your Birthday. Thank you, for giving your all, for our country. Praying, you are, at peace now. Bless you.
Jun 8, 2009

Dan Peterson

rest in peace.
Apr 3, 2009

Jackie Taylor
With Honor and Respect, Memorial Website

You were one, of the brave, that answered, the call. You honored us, by your service and sacrifice. We now honor, You, each time, we stand and sing the words, “THE LAND, OF THE FREE AND THE HOME, OF THE BRAVE.” Thank you, for your bravery, courage and dedication, to our Country and freedom. Rest In Peace and Honor.
Apr 1, 2009

Manuel Pino B/2/8th Cav,1st Cav 68-69

A/1/5th Cav Rgt, 1st Cav Div
Feb 16, 2009

Jim Helmick
felow vet
Seattle, Wa., 98146, USA
For you, your family & friends. we didn't, forget about you. Rev: 21, 3&4
Thursday, June 08, 2000

George Engebretson
Comrade A Co 1/5 "Hardcore Alpha"
400 East Spruce St
Marcus, Ia 51035 USA
Aggie, As the others have said you were one of the magnets that held us all together. I had written you a letter when I got home and it came back marked "KIA" it broke my heart. Of course my life since has been lived as a tribute to you and all the other "Brothers" who went with you. Went to visit your parents a number of years ago and it was the most inspirational thing I have ever done. They are fine people, just as you were and always will be, affecting every thing we do, those of us that were lucky enough to know you. Someday we'll all meet again at the big "FOB", we'll laugh and tell the same stories again and again, maybe play some "Splits" and quaf a couple of beers. Rex Storey is with you now, what a team you made, hope you guys look out for us while we're still here in the "World". Peace & Love Buddy George Engebretson A Co 1/5 Cav Div AM APO 96490 1st Platoon
Wednesday, May 03, 2000

Steve Holtzman
fellow grunt, from A, 1/5
28766, Eagleton St., Agoura Hills, CA., 91301, USA
Aggie, I too went, to the 1st, reunion, of "Foggy Day." Since, I had just left the field, for a safe job, when you were hit, I never had heard the "real" story, of what happened, that day. Your good friend, Keith and I had, a long talk and a lot of confusion, was cleared up. You were a great guy, to be working with, I just wish, we could have had a longer time, together. The comments, from the 14, or so friends of ours, that I just met again, certainly brought home the fact, that your life was not, in vain. You accomplished a lot, for those of us who were able, to survive. I've seen your name, on the Travelling Wall - I hope to see it on the "real," Wall and officially tell you, WELCOME HOME. Foggy Day 2/6
Saturday, October 23, 1999

Thomas Holcombe
Fellow, A, 1/5, 1st, Plt., Grunt.
107, Tandy Court, Jamestown, NC., 27282, USA
Great Soldier - Loved By All
"Aggie," We just had our first ever, A, 1/5, reunion. Thirty years, had passed. I always knew, you had, never been forgotten. Now, I've seen it, in person. You were respected, to the highest degree for the soldier, you were. You were the most well liked, of all the guys, I served with. We were devastated, when you were taken, from us. Nothing has changed. You will be, in our hearts always. Your friend. Tom
Thursday, May 27, 1999

Joan Baysinger
cousin, thru marriage
Boonville, MO., 65233, USA
Jim was, such a caring, loving man. He would do anything for friends, of his. He was, what they called a short timer, when he was killed. He refused, to stay back and let someone else do, what he thought was his duty. I miss, Lil Jim. I often wonder, what he would be today, if he had lived. WELCOME HOME, to the hero's who survived and to the ones, who are on the wall. GOD BLESS.
Sunday, April 25, 1999

08/14/18 07:55 PM #3    

Edward Jacquet

Jim and I used to pal around together.  Ed Jacquet

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