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Bill Schauer

Bill Schauer

Just to let everyone know about the picture that shows up as Bill (Buz), At our 50th reunion we did not have a Senior Picture of Bill, I told Buz that I had a good picture I could put on his name tag, When he looked at his name tag  picture he LOL, that ok with me. Buz was going to get me a picture but never did. I am not going to change it. As I would like to remember, Bill (Buz) as I remember him in the photo below.

On our way home from the 50th Reunion



Bill passed away 25 Nov 2014

This is so this today, and wanted to make sure the classmates know.
If ANYONE has more information, please let us know.
Marie Gaines Harris

18-year-old charged with murder of Buz

Suspect arrested on theft charge in Terrell, coming to Hunt County

By Larry Briscoe


An 18-year-old Terrell man is expected to be jailed in Hunt County this week on a murder warrant. He was arrested on a Terrell theft warrant and placed in the Ellis County jail, according to Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks.

Meeks said the murder warrant was issued in the Thanksgiving homicide that occurred at a residence on CR 2400 west of Quinlan.

Kyle Anthony Kauffmann has been charged with murder in the death of William Dow Schauer, 70, a Hunt County resident of Terrell.

“Mr. Schauer was found by relatives deceased in his home on the day before Thanksgiving,” the sheriff said.

Kauffmann was identified as a person of interest in the death by late last week.

Meeks’ office received a call the day before Thanksgiving about 1:25 p.m. of an unattended death on CR 2400.

“Upon arrival, deputies discovered a white male deceased inside his home,” Meeks said. “Family members had found the victim after not hearing from him for a couple of days. It was discovered that the victim’s 2012 white Lincoln four-door along with other items were missing.”

The body was taken to the Dallas Medical Examiner’s Office in Dallas where it was determined that Schauer’s death was a homicide.

“Investigators with the sheriff’s office found the vehicle in a parking lot at an apartment complex in Terrell,” Meeks said. “The vehicle was seized and a search warrant was issued to search the vehicle Kauffmann had committed a theft in Terrell and Terrell Police Department had a theft warrant issued for him, and he was picked up on that warrant and placed in the Ellis County jail.

In the meantime, we were able to get a murder warrant issued for the suspect and we served the warrant on him in Ellis County. We should be transporting the suspect to the Hunt County Detention Center this week on the murder charges.”

Meeks commended Lt. Roger Seals and his Criminal Investigation Division “for working countless hours on this case and gathering enough information to get a warrant for the suspect. I would also like to thank Texas Ranger Laura Simmons for her help in solving this case

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12/01/14 07:59 AM #2    

Connie Schuerman (Von Dielingen)

Where to begin my dear old friend .... how about our standing in alphabetical line at RHS !  And I would have to say our renewed friendship over these past 4 years has been the best - to know the caring person you had become !  I will miss our talks and emails  - and of course, your awesome RHS 63 website on facebook !  It was terrific getting to spend time with you at our 50th reunion - loved your Chili pepper wine !

12/01/14 01:50 PM #3    

James McClusky

So sorry to hear about Bill. He was always making something happen and posting good stuff! Rest well Bill!

12/01/14 02:09 PM #4    

Randy Richardson

Got to know Bill more after the 35th reunion than in School. Was always gracious and accomidating to us all at our hubba hubba gatherings. I too will miss his posts on our 63 website(which is heads and sholders above all others!). Seee ya at the River Bill.


12/01/14 09:12 PM #5    

Kathleen Moore (Pittman)

So sorry to hear about Bill.  He will be so missed!

12/01/14 09:49 PM #6    

Dorothy Wade (Crawford)

Buz and Diana were both very dear friends.  I spent many hours at their house riding horses, taking lessons from their mom, Dottie, who was friends with my mom.  They are all together with our Lord now.

12/02/14 08:38 AM #7    

Robert Fall

Not that Buzz had a choice, but I'd rather we had a chance to say goodbye. He and I used to play together when we were very young and he always remembered. He was a great refresher of childhood memories and an enthusiastic and cordial participant in the class reunions. Goodbye Buzz. 

12/02/14 10:21 AM #8    

Bill Williams

Very sad, Bill you will be missed by all of your classmates, RIP my friend

01/09/15 10:23 AM #9    

Dee Robinson (Herring)

You will be missed dear friend.  Did not know you well in high school but we connected at the 50th and I appreciated your desire for everyone to have a great time with old friends. I remember how concerned you were that we not miss remembering each and every classmate who has passed on. Rest assured dear Buzz we will remember you lovingly at our 55th.  You most definitely will be missed.  RIP

01/09/15 11:20 AM #10    

John Radzinski

Fellow classmates I am in shock this morning having just read the circumstances of Bill Schauer's death. I suppose this is news to everyone because previously it had been posted that he had passed away in Nov. but not much explaination why. I want to say to everyone that as we age many of us end up living alone or even if we do have a roommate or spouse still living with us we need to beable to protect ourselves, especially in our own homes. The police in our communities do a wonderful job, but they can't be everywhere at all times. The best method of self protection is a firearm and I know there may be many of you that don't like firearms or have little or no experience using them. Don't let that be the reason that you become a victum! There are many firearms training programs that your local gun dealer can recommend  Please give this some serious thought, what would you do if while you are reading this some crack-head broke into your home? I hope I do not offend anyone writing this, my intent is just to get you all to think about you own circumstances and take steps to beable to protect yourselves and your loved ones. Hey, you may find that going to the range and practicing firing your firrearm will open a new fun and enjoyable hobbie. I for one was introduced to hunting and firearms at a young age by my dad and am grateful for all the enjoyment it has provided me for my entire life. I hope this note finds everyone in good health and happy spirits, and may God hold Bill in his loving arms and welcome him home. God bless you all and stay safe.

01/10/15 11:44 PM #11    

Pat Sullins (Carpenter)

Buzz, we were friends from an early age and spent many hours on the school bus together.  I know you're with Diana and your mother and have eternal peace now.  You will be missed by many, many friends that you made over the years.

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